Oxygen Generators and oxygen equipment for emergency use can be sold for over-the-counter distribution as long as the equipment delivers a minimum flow of 6 liters of oxygen for at least 15 minutes. The flow rate for these devices was established with a 90 liter minimum total oxygen delivery capacity. Labels for the emergency use of oxygen equipment for oxygen generators and OTCs may not contain medical conditions such as heart attack, stroke, shock, or any other medical practice that is only licensed or treated by a licensed practitioner.

Devices that do not meet the minimum flow rate of 6 liters of oxygen per minute (hold for 15 minutes) are treated as prescription devices and must be subject to prescription instructions, provided that they have a minimum total oxygen delivery capacity of 90 liters. These devices are considered to be of therapeutic value but may not be marked for emergency use.

The device that does not consider the minimum flow rate and can not provide 90 liters of minimum total oxygen delivery capacity will be considered essentially unequal to the commercial distribution device.

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