The Membrane Nitrogen Generators technology is the most advanced air separation technology under the normal temperature in the world at present. Its principle is to utilize the permeation rate difference of different gases in the air at the time of passing through the separation membrane, to achieve the separation of nitrogen and oxygen. The schematic diagram is shown in the right figure.

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How a Nitrogen Generator Membrane Works

Pressurized air is fed to one end of the hollow fiber membranes. Membranes contain a bundle of hollow fibers with holes small enough to allow the smaller oxygen molecules to exit through them under pressure. The permeation rates of water vapor, CO2, and oxygen contained in the air stream are faster than nitrogen and argon and will rapidly diffuse through the fiber walls. The slower diffused nitrogen molecules remain in the fiber bore and are collected as the nitrogen product gas. The air flow rate will determine how much undiffused oxygen remains with the nitrogen gas. The nitrogen product gas is extremely dry, with atmospheric dew points typically below -40°F. The membranes act like a filter with no moving parts and continuously Nitrogen Gas Generator at selected flow and purity.