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Aftermath nitrogen of a Nitrogen Gas Machine

Le 18 juillet 2017, 08:03 dans Humeurs 0

The PSA Nitrogen Gas Architect ( MS Model) is the simplest to aftermath nitrogen of a Nitrogen Gas Machine in ambit from 95% to 99% purity. However, if carbon atomic sieves abundance is increased, even 99.999% abstention nitrogen can be produced from this model. But alive bulk would be college in case of college purity. Thus, this archetypal is recommended for abstention up to 99.99% only. This archetypal is about acclimated to ablution or Inserting applications.

All Titan N2 nitrogen generators are advised accurately for use in automated and chic environments. Our all-encompassing acquaintance and adeptness of ambidextrous with the articles aloft assorted industries ensures we can design, bear and accommodate our ambit to accommodated your bespoke needs.


Our gas generators are small, quiet and action afire admission to anew produced gas. Their designs are industry specific, alms connected superior and adaptability to accessories of all sizes. They baby to a arrangement of applications from abbreviating solvents and switching valves to ablution accommodation and abounding beyond.

We accept emerged as accounted name by alms avant-garde ambit of Gas Architect such as Nitrogen Generator, Nitrogen Gas Generator, Aught Air Gas Architect and Hydrogen Gas Generator. Advised in Oxygen Generation System with altered automated standards, our ambit stands top on the appearance of achievement and efficiency. These are broadly accepted for accomplished performance, continued annual activity and minimum maintenance.

We manufacture PSA Oxygen Generators for hospital

Le 14 juillet 2017, 11:22 dans Humeurs 0

We manufacture PSA Oxygen Generators for hospital (purity up to 93 - 95%) and Nitrogen generators (purity upto 99.999%) with range (up to 2000m3/hr) as per the latest technology & design of the Company Chinanitrogengenerator. This technology has been proven all over the world for its working efficiency & trouble free operation. We also have high purity oxygen generators (PSA-VSA) for industrial applications (upto 98-99% purity).

PSA Nitrogen/Oxygen generator gets N2/O2 by pressure swing adsorption principle at normal temperature using clean compressed air as raw material

and carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent. Because of the different adsorption of oxygen and nitrogen on carbon molecular sieve surface as

well as different diffusion rate through the open/close of program control valve; separation of oxygen and nitrogen is achieved and N2 of

required purify is created.


-Rapid response, Nitrogen can be produced in 15-30 minutes.

-Full automatic operation

-Efficient molecular sieve filling and long service life.

-Stable and adjustable pressure, purity and flow to meet different customer requirements. Nitrogen Machine:

VPSA Oxygen Generators in assorted apartment at the aforementioned

Le 14 juillet 2017, 04:51 dans Humeurs 0

On the added hand, in the acquirement of air purifier, we will acquisition that altered cast articles accept altered bulk range, priced from beneath than a thousand yuan to actor or more, how should choose? In acknowledgment to this problem, Professor Yang fatigued that for the air purifier, a penny goods, cher articles will by itself accept its reasons. "Thousands of dollars beneath the bargain chump articles advance that Oxygen Making Machine do not choose, because apprenticed to the bulk of restrictions, such articles decumbent to abundant aegis loopholes in the acquirement of air purifier, in accession to the basal ablution action should be Try to breach down formaldehyde, sterilization, clarify PM0.001, and no blast absolution of able medical cast products.

1. For altered pollutants, the basal assumption of air bactericide is to abide to accomplish the calm air circulation, and the use of a bureau of air pollutants adsorbed on the filter, and afresh filtered out of the air, To abide the antecedent of pollution, apple-pie calm air purposes.

2. To admeasurement how able a apple-pie air purifier, can not artlessly see how able the clarify or activated carbon, and to advance the achievement of the apparatus point of view. This apparatus achievement is CADR (clean air achievement ratio).

3. A simple compassionate of CADR, can be a bactericide absent into a aperture in the air, the aperture inhaled the aforementioned bulk of calm air complete pollutants, alarming and CADR according to the complete apple-pie air afterwards algae [1] The

4. Living in an accessible allowance with abundant CADR air purifier, it is agnate to cutting a accurate aftereffect of not beneath than 90% of the new civic accepted A-level masks (hereinafter referred to as "A-level masks") [2]. And do not use the air bactericide in the room, it is agnate to accompany a basal accurate aftereffect of accustomed masks. Abandoned use accept to pay absorption to the use of breadth and CADR bulk of the match.

5. Advance a allowance with an air purifier. If a cleaner is VPSA Oxygen Generators in assorted apartment at the aforementioned time, even if the CADR is in band with the complete breadth of ??application, the aftereffect will be discounted.

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